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"Modernization of Russia's construction industry: Eurocodes - prospects for implementation in Russia"


Organised by "The Guild of Managers and Developers" and RSABC with the assistance of Russian Union of Architects.

Moderators of the roundtable - Vice-President GUD, President of NAI Becar Alexander Sharapov and Denis Titov, head of the "Standardization SCP construction and environmental design" FSUE NIINMASH Rosstandard.


Round Table planned to discuss a wide range of problems and issues associated with the modern requirements to design documentation and practice of their application, the harmonization of the requirements of national standards with EU standards, the introduction of the Eurocodes and market incentive environmental construction in Russia. Nevertheless, the main theme of the roundtable, which caused the greatest interest of all present, was the introduction in Russia Eurocodes.


The need not just a correction, a change of ideology in the approach to building codes was stated from the outset, but the greatest number of debates led the way to solve this problem: the modernization of existing national standards, harmonizing them with EU standards or formal adoption of the Eurocodes.



The main difficulty of the introduction of the Eurocodes in Russia - the need to address the specifics of Russia and development of relevant national application NDP (Nationally Determined Parameter) to the application of the Eurocodes, was articulated in the speech of the Director of the Department for Technical resolution of the National Association of Builders NOSTROI Sergei Pugachev. "The use of Eurocodes without national applications can not be described using the Eurocodes", - he stressed.


Have dealt with all aspects of the problem - from the legal aspects of regulatory documents and ways of its modification, as reflected in the speech of the head of the practice of "Vegas Lex Igor Chumachenko, to technical and even economic implications of the introduction of Eurocodes.

Theme of energy conservation of buildings has also raised some questions. Aspect of the increased cost of housing, subject to criteria of efficiency, the benefits of non-obviousness of such buildings for potential buyers affected by Valery Kazeykin, Deputy Coordinator of the State Duma on the development of low-rise building his house, "the vice-president of the National Agency for the low-rise and cottage construction, First Vice-President of MAIF and MAIN, Academician MAIN.

Issues and prospects caused ecological construction in Russia, problems of certification, the adaptation requirements to Russian conditions and the prevailing requirements of the project documentation.
As a result of exchange of views, the roundtable participants noted the need for cooperation between all institutions and organizations, architectural and construction industry in addressing the stated objectives, as only weighted professional approach can best solve the situation.

List of participants

Sharapov, Alexander . - Vice-President of the Guild of Managers and Developers, President of NAI Becar
Remizov, Alexander - President of the SCP architecture of the Union of Architects of Russia, Chairman of the Partnership Council for Green Building
Sergey Pugachev - Director of the Department of Technical Regulation National Association of Builders Nostra, Ph.D.
Tatiana Kovaleva - Executive Director Mon Council "green" building
Maxim Perov  - Vice President, Russian Union of Architects
Titov Denis - Architect, Head of "Standardization SCP construction and environmental design," Federal State Unitary Enterprise VNNINMASH Rosstandard, deputy executive secretary of the National Committee for Standardization TC - 039 "Energy efficiency, energy management, energy efficiency," board member of the NP BNDES
Ermolenkova Albina - Director of NP Guild of Managers and Developers
Agapov Ksenia - Director for Environmental Services NAI Becar
Kizhel Constantine - The Russian Union of Builders, Vice President of SRO union general contractors in construction "
Stepanov Sergey - Managing Partner, ASN Expert Group, Board Member of the Russian Chamber of Construction Expert
Kazeykin Valery - Deputy Coordinator of the State Duma on the development of low-rise building "My House" Vice President of the National Agency for the low-rise and cottage construction. First Vice President of MAIF and MAIN.Academician MAIN.
Krainov Nicholas - President Investment Group Protection Invest
Kachaev Ruslan - Advisor to the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg
Diamond Vladlen - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor MSSU
Timoshin Vladimir - Fire Safety Engineer, the Independent Expert
Pismarev Vladimir - Head of facade systems Mosgosctroynadzora
Korovkin Sergey - Lawyer K & L Gates
Vasilchenko Natalia - Deputy Director General of "Monarch-Development
Nina Kovalyov  - Acting. Director General of JSC "Monarch UKS"
Presnyakov Nikolai  - Director TsNIIPSK them. Melnikov
Vostrov Vladimir - Head of Laboratory TsNIIPSK them. Melnikov
Trapeznikov John - Assistant Director of NP Guild of Managers and Developers
Vyazovichenko Olga - Head of Public Relations and Development Union of design organizations of the building complex of Russia
Malivanova Larissa  - Director General of ARD Center Publishing

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